Other Services

Guest Relations Staffing & on-site handling

We are a team of people trained to handle various situations in dealing with special
guests, Convention staff, Con-goers, Press releases and money handling. Each of our
team members has experienced several conventions and is well versed in the proper
etiquette in meeting, and maintaining good relations between the convention and their
guest. Maintaining good guest relations pertains to the following:

  • Guest Relations Members will greet and maintain contact for any of the guests needs, escort them to and from events and accompany them around the convention providing any niceties the guest may need. They will also monitor quality control of all requests made of guests by con-goers.
  • GRM’s are involved in Guest Panels and able to act as Master of Ceremonies(MC) the panels when appropriate. Guest’s handlers are ready to manage guest’s personal item sales if asked.
  • GRM’s prep autograph rooms and set autograph lines.(provided resources) Throughout the experience handlers manage the guests items and condition while other GRM’s manage lines, and it the option is viable photos.
  • While MCing a panel, GR members are expected to introduce the guest, have ample knowledge of their experiences and a set of interest invoking questions for the guest should the attendees not provide appropriate questions. They will also make preparation with con security to handle unruly attendees.
  • Predicting the flow of attendees is our specialty. With a growing attendance rate to conventions, we have evolved our procedures to move around thousands of con-goers in a small area.
  • We can also work with any press representatives or setup interviews before and during any event.
  • Booking flights can be a hassle for all of your guests but we can assist with that too. We manage all the flight information for your guests and all transportation necessities for the event.
  • We hope to bring our experience with Anime,TV,Movie, VO and Music Band guests to your organized event.
Interpreting & Translation

Our staff of fluent and Native Japanese speakers can travel to your convention to assist with interpretation or even help with the email communication during negotiations of booking a Japanese guest.